Family Law in Louisiana

Understanding and Calculating Alimony in Louisiana

Louisiana family law courts may grant alimony when one spouse needs financial support during or after a divorce. Alimony is designed to help the receiving spouse maintain the same standard of living after a divorce that the couple enjoyed while they were married.

Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana

Roseanne Barr famously quipped that everyone should take marriage seriously, because it has to last until the divorce. It’s a wisecrack, but one that gets at a basic home truth: going through a divorce can be exquisitely painful. Fortunately, no one is doomed to a certain fate of sky-high attorney fees

Prenuptial Agreements in Louisiana

Decades ago, courts frowned on prenuptial agreements, believing that they turned a sacred and personal bond into a financial arrangement. Over the years, however, courts realized that marriage and divorce have financial implications for each spouse, and began allowing couples to determine their own financial


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